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    Our skilled workmen, quality managers, research & development department and high-grade machinery are our strength. With the integral efforts of our personnel, we are able to deliver rich quality products to our customers in specified time line.

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    Quality acts as the soul of our organization. We employ extensive research techniques to extract different minerals and compounds. Our workforce involved in research and development suggests new techniques to extract the minerals and other products.

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    Being one of the client driven firms, we leave no stone unturned to satisfy the queries and requirements of our clients to the fullest. Further adding, the new technological development helps our dynamic production process which results in better satisfaction of our customers.

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Yash Enterprises

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Yash Enterprises is a 22 years old established Manufacturer and Supplier of Industrial Mineral Powder like Muscovite Mica Powder, Calcite Powder, Zeolite, Talc Powder, Ultramarine Blue, Our products are manufactured with the use of high class raw materials and as a result they are becoming extremely popular in the market. Apart from manufacturing these items, we also engaged in offering world class Waste Management Services. We are an expert in the collection and disposal of industrial solid waste.
Our products are widely used in the industries such as Paints, Plastics, Polymers, PVC Pipes, Construction, Brake Shoes etc. With the help of our efficient and highly talented workers we are able to provide our products to the customers in a very short period of time. Our products also match the international quality standards, and as a result they are highly praised worldwide.

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    Mr. P. SAL
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    Manufacturer and Supplier

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